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Tetrisly is constantly updated with the newest Figma features like variables, auto-layout, properties, nested instances.

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Perfect crafted components with Properties

With Tetrisly, you can click to adjust parts, easily switch between items, and change words. These features help even those new to design create beautiful work quickly and without fuss.

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Each Design Token as Variable

Design Tokens are like saving your favorite design details - colors, spacing, and more. They help your design stay cohesive and clean-cut in all instances of use. Using our tokens simplifies the design work since they will match across your projects.

Auto Layout 5.0 components and pages

Adjust your designs as content changes with auto-layout. Buttons resize with text, lists adapt to items, and whole interfaces evolve easily. It's a tool for dynamic, ever-fitting designs

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Wizard Designs

With just a click you can effortlessly transform your projects by selecting color palettes. Each time ensuring consistency and vibrancy.

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20 x 20 bounding box · 1.5px stroke · SVG Format · 377 icons and counting

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Design Tokens

Ensure seamless adaptability and consistency across all projects, products, and platforms.

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Unique grid system with consistent spacing and sizing

Intuitive amd Scalable Typography

WCAG 2.1 standards and accessibility with best practices.

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Design System and Product Experts

We specialize in designing, developing, and expanding digital solutions for startups, growing businesses, and established enterprises.

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