Tetrisly for React

User-friendly components designed for effortless integration. Plus, it's fully compatible with Tetrisly for Figma with a seamless design and development experience in mind.

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Comprehensive TypeScript support

Offer enhanced type safety, autocompletion, and IDE support with TypeScript. It improves development, minimizes errors, and scales React projects. Use TypeScript for sturdy Tetrisly applications.

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React comes pre-packaged with stunning, ready-to-use components

Unlock the power of our refined UI elements, even with no need of prior design team support. Kickstart your project independently while saving time and getting polished results. Built-in with elegance, functionality, and ease. Yes, it's that simple.

Customization Variables in React components.

Effortlessly tailor UIs using Figma Variables to adjust colors, typography, and design elements. Skip manual updates for a streamlined and consistent design process. Use our plugin to export Variables directly from Figma project to React.

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Documentation and interactive Storybook

Dive into our user-friendly documentation for best practices and code examples. Explore Tetrisly's features with powerful Storybook's hands-on component demos.

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Export Design Tokens

With our Figma plugin, instantly convert Figma Variables into React-ready code, ensuring seamless design-to-development transitions.

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Design Tokens

Ensure seamless adaptability and consistency across all projects, products, and platforms.

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Allow dynamic branding. Create or change themes for consistent, evolving aesthetics across all touchpoints.

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Built-in theming support, and utility-first CSS-in-JS syntax.

Modern syntax cutting-edge technologies JSX or hooks

Consistent with Tetrisly for Figma

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Design System and Product Experts

We specialize in designing, developing, and expanding digital solutions for startups, growing businesses, and established enterprises.

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