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17 July 2023

Variables are alive in the 1.0.5 version
Ultimate Update

Figma Variables, Auto Layout Wrap, 90+ new icons, and more…

We couldn't wait to share this update with you since our components have been redesigned and are now based on new Figma features such as Variables. Try Tetrisly 1.0.5 to use responsive components based on the wrapping function, and refresh your UI with new icons. We also made another big step by introducing new tokens typography and fixing some component bugs. Enjoy!

  • new Typography tokens,
  • Auto Layout wrapping,
  • a fresh collection of 90+ icons,
  • components visual style refreshment

26 May 2023

Fine-tuned tokens structure in Tetrisly 1.0.4
Ultimate Update

We are happy to announce that we have improved our Color Tokens - there is now a new group among them, which led us to change the whole structure. At the same time, we are developing our Documentation very quickly.

To sum up, Tetrisly 1.0.4 brings:

Preview in Figma or Read Tetrisly Docs

14 Mar 2023

Introducing the Ultimate Update 1.0.3
Ultimate Update

The documentation is live!

This update is one of our core milestones in the backlog. We give you an intro to the documentation that includes some essential things about Tetrisly Design System. A guide to working with the Tetrisly Colors, a listing of whole color tokens, or tutorials on how to handle our system. This is only a small part of what you can see in the documentation.


New Tetrisly for Figma version 1.0.3:

  • Added new components: Breadcrumbs, Card, Header, Metrics, Pagination, Status and Table.

  • Changed names and taxonomy of Elevation and Typography tokens

Preview in Figma

Tetrisly for Figma - Free Version

Now you can test basic components and foundation for free

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9 Jan 2023

Hooray! Official Launch 🎉

It’s time to go beyond what you can do with Figma. Focus on product delivery. Design right away and ship faster.

The first release includes:

  • Tetrisly for Figma

    Well-crafted Figma is constantly updated with the newest Figma features like auto-layout, properties, nested instances and more.

  • Design System Tool (Plugin for Figma)

    Create multilevel relationships between design tokens and placed them in specific contexts. Inheritance ensures global propagation and unified product experiences.

  • Tetrisly Icon Library

    Outstanding, consistent and pixel-perfect icon set (20x20, 1.5px) ideal for interface design.

The version of Tetrisly you seeing now is just the beginning of our journey on the roadmap. We have a lot of milestones and goals to reach ahead of us. Our backlog is full of new ideas and features that will change the game. We would like to transform the way you design and deliver products every day.

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Focus on product delivery. Design right away and ship faster.

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