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Focus on product delivery. Design right away and ship faster.


The Button triggers an event or action.

Record has been savedUndo


The Toast shows a brief feedback message and a confirmation of action.

Radio Button

The Radio Button allows users to select a single option from the list.


The Search Input allows users to search for phrases via typing in text.



The Tab allows users to switch between related pieces of content.



The Tooltip shows additional information about an element while the user interacts with it.

Truly Design System

Not another useless UI kit. Tetrisly Design System is a collection of rules, tools and processes which simplify design processes and the development of digital products.


New Feature!

Figma Variables

Saving time and effort during the design process, while managing Tetrisly Design System




Border Radius

Color Aliases
Added new 92 icons!
Redefined Typography


Color Aliases

Aliases help you create relationships between colors and place them in specific contexts. Inheritance ensures global propagation and unified product experiences.

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Color Aliases
No more junk components

No more junk components

The usefulness of a design library shouldn't be measured by the number of components or variants it has. Get rid of junk inside your library. Ensure it only has carefully selected and customizable components without UX mistakes.

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Well crafted figma
Well-crafted Figma

Tetrisly is constantly updated with the newest Figma features like variables, auto-layout, properties, nested instances.

Tetrisly Icon Library
Tetrisly Icon Library

Outstanding, consistent and pixel-perfect icon set (20x20, 1.5px) ideal for interface design.

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Focus on product delivery

Don't waste time reinventing components and looking for the most suitable library structure. Save money and resources by replacing this process with a tool that does it all. Focus on product improvements, design right away and ship faster.

Documentation and React components are in progress

Super-charged by 400+ designers and engineers

It’s just the beginning

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Focus on product delivery. Design right away and ship faster.

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