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Is an incredible starting point for your Design System and a great way to start wireframing fast. It's Smart Layout ready.

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Tetrisly's stellar organization and comprehensive construction gave us a serve as a starting point for future design work.

Benefits of creating the Design System

Create and develop your products faster

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You can create new projects cheaper and faster

Increased efficiency of design and development
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You save on development of your existing products

Reusable code and quick prototyping
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You can unify how the applications within your ecosystem work and look

Common look&feel and support for your organization’s brand
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You provide comfortable experiences to the users of your products

Good UX and repeatable use patterns

The process

The development of a Design System is a continuous process


Categorizing and building an inventory of all the different components, patterns, colors, text styles and assets used in the products.


Definition of the scalable structure and contents of the Design System

Design System Team

Putting together a team responsible for the Design System

Design Ops

A selection of processes and tools to be used for creating the Design System.

DS Construction
Development Quality Assurance UX/UI Design Documentation
Mobile apps
Android iOS React JS
Web apps
Vue React JS
Desktop apps

(e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams)

E-stores, Landing Pages and more
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