What exactly will I get?
We sell high-quality digital files that will help to improve your design process. We promise to update files when we release a new version and answer your questions or help as soon as possible.
What software do I need to use the product?
Will I get any fonts or photos?
I have a problem with the product. How can I get help?
Which version of Sketch do you support?
I have a problem with components after updating Sketch!


Is it a one-time or a monthly/annual payment?
Will I get an invoice?
I have a VAT number. Where do I have to fill it?
Do you provide refunds?


Can I use the item for a client’s end product?
Can I convert a purchased product into a theme or template?
Can I upgrade my single license to team license?
Can I upgrade team license?

Do you have a problem?

Feel free to ask a question. We’ll help you!

Tetrisly - Component library for wireframing and Kit for Design System | Product Hunt Embed